What’s in an Arc

Every Arc comes with an array of standard features, all high quality and specially sourced from market leading makers and suppliers, giving your Arc the perfect start.

From our sustainably sourced cedar and larch cladding, supplied by specialist timber merchants Millworks, our standard Nordlux up/down external canopy lights, to our warm and durable Novabell ceramic flooring and our all natural, highly efficient sheeps wool insulation.

ARC FEATURES Quality as standard

  • 1. sheeps wool insulation
  • 2. sedum grass roof
  • 3. cedar & larch cladding
  • 4. painting & decorating
  • 5. floor mounted sockets
  • 6. Italian ceramic flooring
  • 7. concealed drainage
  • 8. underfloor heating
  • 9. low impact footings
  • 10. aluminium bi-fold doors
  • 11. external up/down lighters

Underfloor heating

Every Arc is designed to be used all year round.

Our integrated, concealed underfloor heating system provides a cost-effective, highly efficient way to heat your Arc all year round.

power & data pack

Every Arc needs to be connected. Power is delivered in a floor box which includes 4 sockets, USB charging capacity, Data and HDMI.

Power, Data and HDMI are also included in the wall if you select the Television Recess option.

Twin waterproof plug sockets are included for external lighting.


The Arc’s integrated lighting is specially designed to help you to work, play or relax.

LED downlighters provides a gentle ambiant light wash throughout the interior.

The external canopy space is also gently lit with Nordlux Up/Down lights.

Flush threshold Aluminium Doors

The Arc is designed to be enjoyed as an open room. Thin framed doors maximise the amount of glass possible and the flush threshold allows the balcony and interior to become one space.

With high levels of UV protection and thin double glazing, not only does the Arc open up when you want, but protects you from the sun and cold.

Italian Ceramic Flooring

Each Arc needs to be warm inside, safe outside in the wet and enable the owner to feel that it is all a single space whether the doors are open or closed.

Ceramic floor tiles from Novabell enable us to offer underfloor heating inside and slip resistance outside, minimising maintenance and wear.

Sustainably sourced Cladding

The Arc deserves to be dressed in the finest materials and we select the finest sustainably sourced Red Cedar and Siberian Larch cladding for each one, supplied by specialist timber merchants Millworks.

The cladding is either coated in 4 layers of Osmo to protect and lock in the vibrant colours and grains, or vacuum painted in any Little Greene Paint Company colour you like.

All Natural Insulation

All Arcs have a combined insulation system, using natural and sustainable materials.

Sedum Grass Roof insulates and protects in any climate, providing year round flora and fauna,
it is butterfly and bee friendly.

Sheeps Wool insulation provides the highest level of insulation, maintaining the right temperature year round with the minimum of energy consumption.

Concealed Free Rain Drainage

The Arc has nothing to clutter its external shape, with a patented concealed guttering leading into a Free Rain water drainage system.

All rain and snow is drained and distributed efficiently, and available for recycling if required.

Paint & Decorating

Each Arc is finished internally to a very high quality, with your choice of Little Greene Company paint colours.

ARC BENEFITS Beautifully Simple

Multiple Uses

The Arc is designed for multiple uses, from an inspiring home office to a relaxing reading room, a cool den for teenagers, a serene yoga studio, a dynamic gym, a unique guest bedroom, your imagination is the only limitation.

As a fully insulated, ventilated, heated, well lit, powered and secure building, it can be anything you need your Arc to be.


The Arc, its groundwork, materials, footprint and height, have all been designed for a quick build; our signature build, Arc 1 needs no planning permission.

All other Arcs will need planning permission.

One our Directors has over a decade of professional experience as a Surrey Planning Authority Officer and will be able to guide you or answer any questions you have.

You can find out more through the online Planning Portal, here.

No Groundwork

We always seek to make the minimum impact on the natural world and this extends to using the most effective way to site your Arc.

Your Arc will hover over the ground, safe from damp, clearing drainage and tree roots and can manage a slope of up to 5 degrees as standard.

All ground work is included in the price apart from two exceptions; if there is a slope of between 5 and 45 degrees then we would need to use a different design; and if the ground is contaminated it will require cleaning.

We can manage both situations and will discuss with you on our site visit.

Time to build

We start work on constructing your Arc from the moment you give us the go-ahead. For Arc 1, it takes us 6 weeks to create the main parts of your Arc in our workshop and to ensure we have the correct windows and materials ready for on-site work.

After 6 weeks we will arrive at your house with all of the relevant parts and will require 10 working days to build, decorate, snag and hand your new Arc over to you.

For all other Arcs, we will let you know a detailed programme of delivery, design around you and your circumstances.

Our highly trained carpenters, builders and decorators are self sufficient and will not require access to your house, power or utilities.

We believe that a clean building site is an indication of a good site and it will be kept clear and safe for you throughout.

sustainably sourced materials

When designing the Arc, we wanted to create a structure that is not only beautiful and functional, but also takes care of the world in which it sits.

We choose high quality, sustainably sourced wood, our insulation is made from recycled materials, our roofs are sedum.

These are not only wonderful materials to work with, but also provide the highest levels of protection, insulation and low maintenance solutions for your Arc.

OWN AN ARC Easy Step by Step

After our preliminary visit, our team will help take you step-by-step through our managed stages to deliver your Arc, simply, expertly and on the agreed deadline, with a three stage payment structure.

For more details about the entire build and installation process, payment structures and maintenance, please do contact us.

1. Consultation

Preliminary site visit to assess the viability including access to site, level and status of the ground, access to electricity, data and water / waste as required.

Also to discuss the standard fittings, and specials or extras you require, and answer any questions you may have about the Arc, detailed construction process, timings, options and prices.

2. Approval, deposit & Survey

Once you have confirmed your Arc order, we will ask for a 33% deposit to start the build process of your Arc at our workshop, including any specific options you have chosen. This usually takes about 6 weeks to complete.

We will also revisit to carry out a detailed ground survey to ensure the site is prepared for installation on the agreed date.

3. Arc build & second stage payment

Our highly engineered, modular monocoque system is built in our workshop, so that your Arc is prepared in advance to minimise time and disruption on site.

The windows, cladding, insulation, sedum roof, lighting and electricity package, underfloor heating and flooring are all prepared in advance. Once ready, we will ask for a 33% build payment.

4. Install, completion payment & Maintain

Once the foundations are ready, it will take 10 days to install, snag and finish your Arc. Upon approval, we will ask for the final 34% payment.

6 and 12 month maintenance checks come as standard; an extended service package is available.

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